Carver Road Church of Christ

The Carver Road Church of Christ came into existence in 1945 in a storefront building on the corner of Wheeler and First Street. Many souls were baptized under the preaching of Evangelist David Shows Sr. The migration of Christians from the Capernaum COC in Clemmons, NC, Redland COC in Advance, NC, and the number that were baptized formed the first Church of Christ among black brethren in Winston-Salem, located at 206 N. Greenwood Avenue. Some of the old pioneers who helped foster the start of the church were: Jasper Dulin, George Stringer, Alfred Williams, Shirley Studevant, Alex Eccles, William Clingman, John Evans, David Shows, and Charlie Revel. These men served as trustees of the congregation.

From 1950 to the early 1960′s, the congregation was led by Elders Lewis Wharton, Geroge Curless, and Emmit Cloud. The congregation labored in this building for almost two decades before it sold its property to Gospel Tabernacle Holy Church in 1964. This same year, the Greenwood Congregation moved to its new location at the intersection of Carver Road and Highway 311. The building was located in the Castle Heights Community, and became the Castle Heights Church of Christ. Elders serving the congregation at this time were, Emmit Cloud, Nick Shelton and Frank Dulin. Deacons were Ollie Carpenter and Julius Bray. Serving ministries were David Shows Sr., Charles Hancock, Eugene Lee, and Nathaniel Miller.

In 1978, Bro.Cloys R. Cecil succeeded Nathaniel Miller. Two worship services were implemented, and the need for a more classrooms, and a larger sanctuary were pressing. The brethren evaluated expansion programs and decided to purchase 7.5 acres of land on Carver School Road in 1977. The cost of the land was paid in full in 1978, erecting a new facility, at a cost of $1.5 M. The congregation moved to the new building in June 1983, paying off the brand new facility in 1996.

In 1992, an academic elementary school started serving grades K- 5th. A new building was constructed on the property in May 1997, with a completion date of January 1998. The charter school, serving grades 6th-8th was established in September 1997. Bro.Simon Johnson serves as Director of the School.

In 2001, Bro. Cecil retired from the church. During his tenure a utility building and shelter were constructed to assist in clothing aid for the needy. A prison ministry, classes in convalescent homes, implementation of Zones in the church, and Bible Studies in Clevland Avenue were some of the many milestones during this time.

Succeeding Bro. Cecil, Bro. Harvey Drummer began his tenure as Minister from December 2001- August 2004. During this time, visitor classes were implemented after morning services, and Monday-Saturday. The Senior Citizen Living Facility, Quality Independent Living, was built on Lansing Drive, in 2004. This facility has a capacity of 42 Units, with Bro. Leroy Nelson,serving as the Director.

In July 2005, Bro. Jefferson Caruthers Jr. became minister, and re-located his wife and seven children within the same year. Bro. Caruthers quickly implemented a leader’s class, adding deacons in 2006. These included, Bernard Terry, Moise Burgess, Michael Curry, Joe Wilson, Roscoe Burgess, and Larry Kendall. They began serving with present deacons, Jimmy Gadson, and Roy Oliphant. Serving as Shepherds were, Leroy Nelson, John Foxworth, Walter Weathers, and Jefferson Caruthers. During this same year, Bro. Caruthers started airing Radio 1340 AM-WPOL on both Sunday and Thursday. Bro. Caruthers also saw the need to purchase a home next to the present property for the purpose of extension of the church’s family ministries. Thus, the evolution of the Kuriakos House (meaning, Of the Lord), with Sis. Felecia Caruthers serving as the Director.

In 2007, the minster, shepherds, together with the church, implemented a new building project.This facility was completed in 2009, housing educational and family recreation rooms. It includes upper level classrooms, an elevator, community and church pantries, commercial kitchen, complete basketball floor and a gym facility.

In 2009, the church experienced the highest increase in baptisms in the past six years. New deacons, George McNair and Troy Chisolm were ordained. An additional shepherd, Grady Crosby, was approved of the congregation in 2009, to be ordained January 2010.


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