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Forsyth Park Baptist Church: About Us

What to Expect When You Visit for the First Time.

What to wear

You will find some people wearing the traditional “Sunday best” and others wearing casual clothing. We do not care what you wear, but we do want to maintain a respectable environment. So we suggest that no matter how you dress, your appearance be neat, clean and, most importantly, respectful of the Lord.

How to get here

We are located at the corner of Hawthorne Road and Bolton Street.

When to arrive

If you are visiting the worship service only, then you should arrive about 10:50 AM. If you have small children, this will give you time to get them settled with our child care providers.

We welcome visitors of all ages to try a small group Bible study/Sunday School class, which starts at 9:45 AM. You would not need to arrive much earlier than 9:45 AM. Our classes do not typically start with great punctuality, but we’re working on it!

Where to park

Ample parking is available from the Hawthorne Road entrance. We would like you to have the easiest access to the facility, so park as close as possible to the main entrance facing Hawthorne Road.

Families with preschoolers and babies may find it more convenient to park in the Bolton Street parking lot and enter through the Bolton Street Entrance. This will eliminate stairs for the little ones and for parents with their hands full.

What to expect

Wherever you park or enter, you should find our Greeters eager to welcome you and assist you with a personal escort. Signs are easily found throughout the building to keep you headed in the right direction.

We request that you complete a visitor information card so that we can get back in touch with you in the days following your visit. Our pastor is always eager to talk with new people. Please put the visitor information card in the offering plate during the worship service. (You are not expected to put anything else in the offering plate.)

Our worship style would best be categorized as traditional, although it is slowing evolving to a more contemporary style as the Lord brings us more younger people. But rather than focus on style, we are most concerned with pleasing the Lord in our worship through an atmosphere that is celebrative of the victory, freedom and fellowship we have in Jesus Christ while maintaining the reverence and humility that befits our holy God.

At the end of each service, the pastor invites everyone who has not begun a life with Jesus to turn to Jesus as Lord (Master) and accept God’s forgiveness. The pastor also invites those feeling God’s leading to unite with our church to do so. During the final song, you may respond to these invitations by meeting the pastor at the front. Alternatively, you may tell the pastor of your response to either invitation as you leave following the conclusion of the service.

Our services usually conclude between 12:00 and 12:15.


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