How to find a Winston Salem Church?

How to find a winston salem church

Searching for and selecting a Winston Salem church to call home can be a difficult and time consuming experience.  This is particularly difficult if you have no idea where to start and/or how to begin the process of selection. Today, there are numerous kinds of Winston Salem churches with varying theologies, ministry philosophies, programs and designs to select from. Below you will find a list of 19 questions to help you find and choose the right Winston Salem church home for you and your family.

1. What does this Winston Salem church believe doctrinally?

Every Winston Salem church includes a statement of faith that identifies it’s basic theological positions. You should review it carefully and be in basic agreement with this statement before settling on your choice.

2. Am I confident with their specific “style of worship”?

The design and style of worship reflects, to some degree, a Winston Salem church’s values, and who they are attempting to reach out and minister to. The fact is, there is no right or wrong style of worship. You will discover Winston Salem churches of liturgical, traditional, and various contemporary styles. A vital question on this issue is “Do I feel comfortable with the worship style this Winston Salem church projects?”

3. Are my kind of people here?

Often, selecting a Winston Salem church is really as much a cultural question as it is a theological one. We tend to worship, with people, we can connect with.

4. What’s the vision of the Winston Salem church?

Does this Winston Salem church have a vision? Can I get excited about participating in the church vision?

5. What programs does this Winston Salem church have for my children? Teens? Family?

Statics show that parents will attend Winston Salem churches where their children enjoy services, programs and activities provided for them, resulting in family unity within the church.

6. What is the type of leadership at that Winston Salem church?

Winston Salem Churches are ruled by the congregation, some have appointed or elected boards, while others are led by one individual. Knowing the structure of leadership, how decisions are made, and personally respecting and valuing that style are important issues to assess before making your choice of a Winston Salem church home.

7. What opportunities for service does this Winston Salem church offer me (now or in the near future) to develop and maximize my gifts, talents, and resources?

A vital question is, “Are the gifts God has placed in me going to be valued by this congregation and how will the leadership of this Winston Salem church promote my gifts and talents?”

8. What is the reputation of the Winston Salem church in the community?

What is it known for in the community? Does it have a positive or negative reputation in the local area?

9. Can one recognize the leadership of this Winston Salem church?

Winston Salem churches reflect the personalities and values of the leadership. In choosing a church, you should ask if the leadership is someone that I am able to respect, trust, follow, and relate to.

10. What was your very first impression of this church when you visited it?

First impressions, while they can sometimes be inaccurate, do and can reveal certain thoughts and reactions to general impressions, especially for new people searching for a church in Winston Salem. Do not discount your 1st impressions!

11. Do you know the priorities of the church in Winston Salem?

Winston Salem churches will normally have a set of designated priorities…its mission, church programs, and its facilities. Does your priorities correspond with Winston Salem Churches priorities?

12. Is there a place in this congregation where I will know and be known by a group of people?

Sometimes individuals can get lost inside a local Winston Salem church, especially if it is a larger congregation (over 300). Anyone can look for a “Winston Salem church” to go to and become anonymous in. A “Winston Salem church home” is different. It calls for relationships, support and care with others as a community of believers.

13. What’s been the history of this Winston Salem church?

Has the Winston Salem church grown or declined? Growth without change is impossible! Are there current problems or different “camps” within the congregation?

14. Does this Winston Salem church have a strong youth ministry for teens?

Typically, Winston Salem churches with strong youth ministries and programs for children are Winston Salem churches that are providing for the spiritual needs of the whole family. The teen years are often the most difficult years of a family’s adaptation and parents are likely to go where their teens are active, growing and involved.

15. What’s the personality and style of ministry at the Winston Salem church?

Each and every Winston Salem church includes a specific personality. Will you be happy and grow spiritually within this Winston Salem church environment?

16. What is going on at the Winston Salem church outside of Sunday morning?

Examine the Winston Salem church bulletin. It will tell you a lot about what a Winston Salem church believes in, but much more about the church ministry, programs and activities. Also, check out the Winston Salem church budget. Where they spend their financial resources will also let you know a great deal about what it values.

17. What’s the “feel” of the Winston Salem church?

Is it reverential but still or alive with activity? Is it peaceful and quiet or joyful and exciting? Is it crowded or empty?

18. Do you know the expectations for membership?

Once you know what’s involved with selecting a Winston Salem church home, is this the kind of place where one can get involved?

19. Can I live with the items I don’t like about this Winston Salem church?

No Winston Salem church is perfect. The bottom line is you have investigated and been very honest with yourself about what is actually important to you. Find the Winston Salem church that is best for you and commit yourself to that church body.


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