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I’ve always been a fan of covered bridges. They are beautiful to view during all seasons of the year. They are extremely important because they provide access to the “other side” as well as shelter you while crossing a stream, river, or ravine. Many of these nostalgic structures are still as strong today as they were many years ago when they were first built. They aren’t perfect, however. Driving or riding through a covered bridge can be a scary event, especially when you can hear the wood creak beneath your car or even your bike. But once you get across to your destination, the bridge has functioned according to its designed purpose: 1) to get you where you’re going; 2) to keep you protected along your journey.

At United Baptist Church, we believe in covered bridges. We believe in them so much that we feel convicted about the word “bridge” as a theme in our church’s vision statement. As believers, we praise Jesus Christ for being our bridge. Through faith in him, he gets us where we need to go and keeps watch over us along the journey. Because Jesus is Savior, we have access to the “other side”…this is salvation! While we are being sanctified, God is protecting our steps and guiding us into the arms of our loving God. In the same way that Christ is our bridge, we pray that those who spend time with us at UBC will experience Christ as we live our lives: building bridges of loving relationships while sharing access to God through Christ.


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